Track the Day to Day Progress of Your Custom Home with Sapphire Software

At John Mark Custom Homes, we take the saying “your home is your castle” to heart. We pride ourselves on building custom homes precisely to our clients’ preferences and specifications. One way we accomplish this goal is by providing our clients with day-to-day updates on every phase of the home construction process.

Sapphire Viewer
As a home builder, I understand all the intricate aspects of construction – reading blueprints, selecting building materials, dealing with home inspections, etc. That’s not the same for most of our clients. They just want their house built right. At the same time they sweat the details, which is understandable. After all, it’s their home.

At John Mark Custom Homes, we have solved this dilemma by adding a layer of transparency to the home building process. We use a free software tool called Sapphire Viewer that we share with our homeowner clients. With Sapphire Viewer, homeowners can literally see the nuts and bolts involved with the construction of their homes – as their homes are being constructed.

Sapphire Viewer translates the engineer’s specifications into a 3-D Illustration of the structure that includes each board – and precisely where it fits. With Sapphire Viewer, our framers and builders know exactly how many beams are needed under a loaded girder and precisely how a truss hangs, eliminating the need for guesswork.

Homeowners can install Sapphire Viewer software on their home computers and mobile devices so that they can be assured that their home is being built right. The software uses GPS, which allows users to “walk “through the home and identify every truss inside the structure. With Sapphire Viewer, homeowners can be reassured that their homes are being constructed to adhere to precise engineered specifications.

Sapphire Viewer software is just one example of the transparency that is integral to the way that John Mark Custom Homes does business. To learn more about Sapphire Viewer and how this valuable tool fits into our home building process, check out our website, or give us a call today.

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