Colonel Raphael Warren


James Arias, New Start, Inc.

August 2016

I have known and been involved in business dealings with John Jones since August 2008. Initially Mr. Jones through his Thomasville Furniture Company was actively involved with a variety of new home builders in designing homes, staging and providing furniture and accessories for model homes.

He has since then moved on and has become a custom home designer and builder as well as remodeling of existing homes. His latest custom home, which was featured in the Albquerque Parade of Homes, recently was very well received, winning every award given. It is grand, unique, and full of special features not usually seen in Albuquerque homes. John has become a rising featured custom builder in the greater Albuquerque and Santa Fe market.

I have recommended him as a go to person for those seeking one of a kind unique custom homes. I have built several hundred homes in the Albuquerque area over the last two decades with my company Charter Homes.

Raphael Warren, COL. US ARMY

CEO, Spartan Cyber Security LLC


August 2016

I am very happy to recommend John Jones. I can unequivocally recommend John as the person you can count on, you can trust, and you can believe in. I don't offer my personal endorsement to just anyone who might ask.

I am Raphael Warren Colonel, NM National Guard and also serve as a state commissioner on the MLK Commission.

I have known of John Jones for a number of years; first as the proprietor Lauren, one of the best furniture stores in Albuquerque, and then with John Mark Custom Homes. Anyone can sell top name brand furniture but John's customer service is extraordinary. I cannot overstate his attention to detail and follow thru. His word is his bond.

I am a former military intelligence officer and federal agent and have highly developed observation and interview skills. I watched John thru the daily progression of the Alameda home. I observed John's hands-on proactive guidance of sub-contractors. After I had seen enough of the dedication and expertise of John I revealed my plan to build my dream home. I shared how important that after 35 years of military service; I wanted the perfect final home.

Before he had a signed contract he helped me select the right property and worked through the process with me negotiating with the land owner and realtors negotiating with sub-contractors to get the best possible price with the best quality. John answered all of my concerns and researched the answers, even to my trivial questions.

Recently, after careful review of many of the big name home builders in Albuquerque, I selected John to build my dream home. John's knowledge, understanding, and listening skills were instrumental in his success in what I believe is the perfect house for me and my family.

It is high bar to get my endorsement and John has my endorsement. I whole heartedly recommend John Jones and his company John Mark Custom Homes.