Outdoor Fire Pit Ideas

From keeping you warm on a cool winter night, to being a gathering place for family and friends, a fire pit is a great addition to your outdoor space. But you want to make sure that your fire pit is not only a comfortable place to gather, but also that it meets your needs while matching the aesthetics of your home and outdoor living space. Here are some things to consider when creating a fire pit:   



You want to make sure you have a place to sit around your fire pit. Luckily, permanent seating is easy to plan around a firepit, and can become a part of the aesthetic of the area. Whether it’s a semi-circle or circular seating area, or something more rectangular, the shape of your seating  can be used to bring geometry and character to your fire pit space. Seating made of natural stone or concrete gives the added benefit of soaking up some of the heat, so you and your guests aren’t too warm.   


Proper Ventilation  

Fire pits require plenty of ventilation, so many outdoor living space designs place the fire pit area on the outer edge of the space. Fire pits should also not be placed on a covered patio unless a special roof chimney has been created. Keeping your fire pit out in the open, with lots of fresh air to fan the flames, means that you can enjoy your fire pit without smoking up the rest of your outdoor space.   


Create the Right Ambiance  

Once you’ve selected the spot for your fire pit, take some time to consider the overall aesthetics of that area and how you can tie it in to the rest of your outdoor living space. Consider installing custom lighting, to bring a bit of light and ambiance to the area. Create more comfortable seating with cushions and pillows. Maybe even install an outdoor fridge or cooler, so that beverages are close at hand. Improving the ambiance of your fire pit area allows you and your guests to enjoy it even more.   


Consider the Placement 

You want your fire pit to be an extension of your outdoor living space, somewhere that you and your guests can sit and enjoy the fire up close, but also something that you could enjoy from afar as a focal point for your yard. Take some time to consider the overall design of your outdoor space, and where the right spot for a fire pit would be in that plan. You also want to make sure it’s not too close to the house, or under a covered patio, so you don’t have problems with smoke or heat. Finding the right spot along the outer edge of your outdoor space, where it fits well into the aesthetics, means that you will create a beautiful and functional fire pit.   


A fire pit can be a seamless extension of your outdoor living space. By taking some time to consider the best place for it, and constructing it to meet the needs of your family and your outdoor area, you’ll continue to enjoy your fire pit area for years to come.   


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