Choosing a Kitchen Material Palette


Decorating the ideal kitchen requires making several critical decisions.

"However, choosing a kitchen material palette influences every other kitchen decision."

The five tips described below can help you choose a kitchen material palette that reflects your style and fills the desired functions for your kitchen.

Focus on the Large Surfaces


Of course, appliances are essential to a functional kitchen, but the look of a kitchen is largely driven by its surfaces – countertops, backsplashes, and wall coverings. Choose a coordinating color palette for these large surfaces, and design the rest of the kitchen around this scheme.

Choose an Overall Design Theme

Whether your style tends toward sleek modernism, rustic, or traditional, your kitchen should reflect a single coherent theme. Various details can vary from the theme, but they should coordinate harmoniously with the overall design.

Consider Cabinetry Design and Finishes

Along with chef-quality appliances, cabinetry represents one of the most expensive elements of most kitchens. Fully custom cabinets can cost tens of thousands of dollars, so unless your budget is unlimited, choose designs and finishes that you will be happy living with for years. This generally means avoiding the latest trends, which tend to look dated within 3 to 5 years.

Sweat the Small Details

Details like drawer pulls, window casings, and lighting can make or break your kitchen décor. Give them the attention they deserve to ensure that they coordinate with your overall kitchen color and materials palette.


Strive for Coordination, Not Strict Matching


A well-designed kitchen gives your home a high-end look, along with functioning as the heart of your home. Carrying your kitchen materials and color palette throughout your design is essential. However, that doesn’t mean boxing yourself into a strict matchy-matchy bind, which is not only limiting, but boring.

It’s your kitchen - the design should suit your tastes and fulfill your needs for meal preparation.

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