Time for a Design Workout – Creating the Perfect Home Gym

home gym

We all strive for a healthier lifestyle, including working out. But often we just don’t have the time in our day to go to the gym. Scheduling workouts at home is more flexible, efficient, and economical.

If you’re ready to join the home fitness craze, following the five tips below can help you set up the ideal home gym.

Put It Out and Hang It Up

One advantage of a dedicated workout space is that you can have your equipment out where it is easily accessible – and where you’ll be more likely to use it. Take advantage of the wall space in your home gym to install hooks for jump ropes or shelving for hand weights.

Create Workout-Fit Flooring

Especially if you’re doing high-impact aerobics, you will want to install shock-absorbing flooring to reduce the wear and tear on your joints. A yoga mat is fine, but specially designed floor tiles provide a more permanent solution – and are available in fun colors to brighten up your home gym.


Proper Lighting Is Key

Maintaining proper form is essential in yoga, weightlifting, and similar workouts to obtain maximum benefit and avoid hurting yourself. A combination of lighting and strategically placed mirrors can help you observe your movements to ensure that you’re doing things right.

Pump Up the Volume


Working out to music is much more fun – and makes it easier to stick with a tough routine. In the gym, you’re either stuck listening to whatever tunes are blasting through the sound system or listening to your own tunes through headphones. In a home gym you’re free to choose the music and turn it up – no headphones required. Install a home sound system in your gym, or create a place for your mp3 player.

Stock Up on Fitness-Friendly Treats

Be sure to have bottled water, towels, protein snacks, and other fitness-friendly treats handy to reward yourself at the end of a workout.  A small refrigerator can keep drinks cold, while a microwave can heat up post-workout snacks.

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