Creating a Home Office Space that Really Works


Far too often, a home office is little more than an afterthought – with kitchens, master suites, and even outdoor spaces receiving the bulk of decorating attention.

"However, for people who work at home, the right home office setup can make the difference between productive time spent getting real work accomplished – and hours wasted searching for this or adjusting that."

The following five tips can help ensure that your home office is comfortable, efficient, and stylish.

Ergonomics Count


If you work full-time from home, you’ll be spending hours each day in your home office. Don’t skimp on your desk and especially your chair. Choose a chair that provides sufficient back support along with cushioning your bottom, and a desk height that allows you to reach your computer keyboard, phone, and other equipment comfortably. If you can afford it, an adjustable standing desk can be a worthwhile investment.

Embrace Natural Light

One of the major advantages of working from home is that you don’t have to endure harsh fluorescent lighting. Your home office should receive as much natural light as possible, while at the same time minimizing glare. Position your desk to provide a pleasant view when you take those much needed breaks from staring at the computer screen.

Storage Overcomes Clutter

Your home office may be your primary work space, but it’s still part of your home. Furnishing your home office with shelving and other storage can help ensure that your office harmonizes with the rest of your home. Sufficient storage also helps ensure that you can find what you need when you need it – reducing time wasted searching through jumbled stacks of junk.


Minimize Electronic Cord Tangles

Computer cords, surge protectors, and other electronic aspects associated with a home office can really detract from your home’s overall décor. Cord covers and specially drilled holes in office equipment help keep cords out of sight.

Make It Your Own

Another major advantage of working at home is that it’s your home. Paint the walls in a color that you love – while avoiding overly-bright shades that can disrupt your productivity.


Add personal touches like photos or inspirational quotes. You’ll be spending a lot of time there, so make it as comfortable as possible.

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