Trends in Landscaping


Curb appeal is important whether you’re just moving in, thinking about a change, or getting ready to sell.

"Your front yard is the first thing that visitors see – and your backyard is often the site for outdoor entertaining."

The five landscaping and gardening trends described below represent some of the freshest landscaping ideas. There’s probably at least one that is ideal for your home’s outdoor spaces!

Multipurpose Outdoor Spaces

Today’s outdoor spaces hardly resemble the cookie cutter lawns of 1950s suburbia. Lawns often include features such as pergolas, pools, and outdoor kitchens. With careful planning, even a small yard can be fitted out to serve multiple purposes.

Climate Resilient Landscaping


More frequent spells of severe weather are a growing reality for many areas of the country. Adaptive outdoor spaces represent a growing trend among homeowners. For instance, many homeowners located in places that receive little rain (like New Mexico) have moved toward xeriscaping, which is a method of landscaping that requires little or no watering. Other adaptive landscaping methods include planting wind resistant plants with flexible stems and leaves, or plants, such as chokeberry, that absorb large amounts of water in areas that are prone to flooding.

Gardens Imitating Nature

One of the biggest trends is the perfectly imperfect garden. The Japanese call this concept “wabi sabi.” Imperfect gardens include many natural elements, such as repurposed pieces of wood and stone, along with wildflowers and prairie grasses. The idea is to imitate nature’s beautiful imperfections.

Edible Landscaping

If you’re not up to planting a full-blown vegetable garden, consider adding edible landscaping to a lawn. Plants, such as sunflowers and Tuscan kale, are both beautiful and delicious. As a bonus, edible landscaping plants are also often hardy enough to stand up to cold temps.

Water Elements

Water elements are another popular trend. Bird baths, ponds, and fountains add a sense of calm and peace to your yard – without the maintenance of a full-sized pool.


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