Create a Meaningful Home


Your home is more than four walls, a roof, and a floor - it is a reflection of you. Making your home a meaningful living space does not need to cost a fortune. Utilizing the three strategies listed below can help you create a home that truly represents your true nature.

"There is no law that prevents you from converting a formal dining space into a comfortable den."

Furnish to Fit Your Needs

It’s fine to take cues from professional decorators or home décor websites, but at the end of the day, it’s your home. You and your family are the ones who live there. Keep that fact in mind as you furnish your home. If you never have formal dinners but you have a large family that loves watching sports together, there is no law that prevents you from converting a formal dining space into a comfortable den or family room.

Choose Art from the Heart

Beautiful artwork is an enhancement to any home. But if you lack the budget (or the sensibilities) of a serious collector, that doesn’t mean settling for a house or apartment with no artwork on the walls. Photographs of places you’ve visited, or would like to see, along with drawings from your little ones, or portraits of family members and friends bring warmth and their own brand of beauty to your home.

Purge What Isn’t Essential

A lived-in look can make your home feel cozy and inviting. On the other hand, a house overrun with clutter is anything but comfortable. At the extreme, excess clutter presents a genuine hazard to your family’s health and well being. Take the time to periodically purge items that no longer fit with your lifestyle and your family’s needs. If you donate the items to charity, you’ll gain the extra bonus of knowing your unwanted items are available to another family or individual who may need or want them.


Your home may not be a castle, but it is certainly a reflection of you. Taking the time and effort to make your home reflect your values can ensure that your home is a place you want to be, as well as a place you’ll be proud to welcome friends and family.