Decorating with Mirrors

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You almost certainly have a mirror in your bathroom, and perhaps one above a dresser in your bedroom, but mirrors can make an appearance in nearly every room in your home. The five tips listed below demonstrate how the strategic use of mirrors can make a room look larger, more elegant, or just more practical.

"Hanging a group of vintage mirrors together as a group is another way to give your house an elegant designer look."

Propped against a Wall

Propping a tall mirror against the wall makes your room seem bigger, with the illusion of higher ceilings. As a bonus, a full-length mirror located in your bedroom can come in handy for that last-minute check of your outfit before you leave the house.

John Mark Custom Home Decorating with mirrors

On Kitchen Cabinets

Cut mirrors to fit the cabinet doors in a small kitchen, and suddenly the room seems bigger and brighter. This unusual look also lends a designer atmosphere to your kitchen, giving it an upscale look without breaking the bank.

On a Closet or Wardrobe Door

In small homes or apartments, space can be at a premium. Yet having a full-length mirror is a must for catching wardrobe malfunctions before you leave the house. Hanging a mirror on your closet or wardrobe door provides you with a much-needed full-length reflection without sacrificing even an inch of precious floor space.

Hung in a Group

Hanging a group of vintage mirrors together as a group is another way to give your house an elegant designer look. The mirrors need not be the same size or same shape. In fact, the grouping is more interesting if several different sizes and shapes are included.

John Mark Custom Home Decorating With mirrors Cluster

As Faux Windows

Every room should be blessed with an abundance of windows. For rooms that lack sufficient windows (or don’t have any windows at all), grouping four or six rectangular mirrors in a grid can give the appearance of a window where there is none. As a bonus, the mirrors will also reflect whatever light the room does receive, making the room seem brighter.

Overall, decorating with mirrors can really improve the space you have. At John Mark Custom Homes, we’d love to show you how we can help. Call us today.